Thermoplastic elastomer applications of Entech’s MRP

Entech expects to increase the amount of micronized rubber powder (MRP) produced from end-of-life tires, as the company made a generous investment right after the firm has obtained ISO certification.

Neal Frey, Entech’s VP of Business Development, revealed that the investment was needed to open possibilities to deal with new thermoplastic applications and new tire manufacturing. He said that the company was motivated by a chance to work on thermoplastic injection molding, thermoforming, rotational molding and extrusion.

Frey also said that the company’s priority is to familiarize product designers with elastomeric advantages provided by micronized rubber powder filled compounds and to make them aware of the recycled content’s benefits for the environment. The Entech’s VP stated that the firm will keep going forward with researching, as MRP use in plastic requires further study and improvement.

Entech has been capable of securing an outstanding quality of micronized rubber powder and its low-cost supply, thanks to scientific advances and new technologies introduced within the last twenty years. According to Entech’s CEO, Lavon Detweiler, the reliance on scientific developments will allow MRP to be specified at the marketplace as a main component in innovative thermoplastic applications and new tire manufacturing.

Entech’s representatives said that the opportunity to keep on developing and researching thermoplastics is possible due to availability of compound-ready micronized rubber powder. The company’s chemist specializing in research and development, Haikun Xu, said that the testing of injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion and rotational molding technologies became possible after the establishment of the firm’s own MRP manufacturing facility.

Apart from MRP manufacturing, the firm is also advancing its special expertise in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounding; such way of operation gives the company a chance to simultaneously work on novel applications at Entech and collaborate with the market.

Frey expressed hope that the majority of firms will recognize the use of micronized rubber powder in thermoplastic applications and will seek collaboration with Entech.

Article source: Scrap Tire News