Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Scandinavian Enviro Systems. Photo:

Scandinavian Enviro Systems – a renown producer of high-quality recovered carbon black (rCB) and tire pyrolysis equipment– has projected that the demand for new tires will keep on growing and is expected to escalate by more than 4 per cent in the forthcoming years. This trend is attributed to the expansion of middle class in a number of developing countries, and the populations are anticipated to purchase more cars. In addition, this trend is influenced by the increasing average mileage per year.

Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro, said that the company is expecting growth of the demand for their recovered carbon black as a result of the global tire market’s expansion. He also noted that Enviro is optimistic about this trend because a big number of leading tire brands are aiming to use more recycled materials in production of their new tires.

Imarc Group announced that 3 billion tires have been sold globally last year. According to the research group, Freedonia, the high sales were mostly influenced by improved financial prosperity of developing states and expanding global economy.

Enviro carefully tracks the demand for tires as it directly influences demand for carbon black. The company realizes that the international market has started to favor circular economy.

Enviro has been benefiting from the automotive industry, as it has been providing it with recovered carbon black for over two years. A number of global tire producers have already recognized the high standard of Enviro’s recycled materials.

Article by Scandinavian Enviro Systems