A 30,000-ton-per-year tire recycling facility for Chinese tire producer Vanlead Group will be constructed by Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (Enviro), as the Swedish company was the only firm winning the final stage of a tender process, as informed by Enviro on October 26.

The official tender certificate is expected to be issued within several days; the document will allow these two international companies to come up with final agreement on construction of the plant. The facility will be built in Guangzhou, China, where Vanlead owns an industrial site. According to Enviro’s CEO, Thomas Sorensson, Vanled, being one of the most advanced tire manufacturers, has decided to apply Enviro’s expertise to integrate tire recycling into their own tire manufacturing.

The potential cost of the order is SEK 200 million (EUR 21 million) – it shows how outstanding Enviro’s technology is for the global tire recycling field, said Sorensson.

CEO added that annually, the new facility is going to manufacture 9,000 tons of carbon black and process 30,000 tons of end-of-life tires. He further said that the new plant, owned and managed by tire manufacturer that recovers carbon black to support its own process of production, can become something truly unique in the world.

According to Sorensson, China is the biggest tire market of the world. Therefore, when handling end-of-life tires, it needs “circular solutions” that will equally consider resources and environment.

Enviro’s CEO also mentioned that his company is capable of providing top and regular quality to the rubber sector, and the proof is Enviro’s long collaboration with Volvo – Enviro has been a provider of carbon black for the multinational company for almost two years.

Sorensson shared that the company’s primary goal now is to construct a first facility in China that will trigger extra plant sales on a global scale.

Vanlead is government-owned industrial company located in Guangzhou. It also produces fine chemicals and salt chemicals. The enterprise now owns two facilities in China and expects to construct one more in the U.S.

Source: Scandinavian Enviro Systems