European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA) is organizing a new tire recycling conference which will be held in Brussels on 22nd-24th of March. The event is going to be focused at ‘defining the circular economy for tire recycling’ and it will discuss ever-expanding opportunities for recycled rubber applications in innovative and traditional sectors. The plenary sessions will focus on the use of recycled tyre materials as a crucial contribution to the circular economy in the EU.

In addition, the conference will comprise a pyrolysis panel with five selected speakers who will discuss market developments and advancing of the characteristics of end products.

Furthermore, there will be a technology forum which will review various emerging technologies, such as devulcanization and pyrolysis advances.

Who should attend?

Tire recyclers, researchers, processors, engineers, architects, contractors, designers, concrete manufacturers, material suppliers, specifiers, researchers and others.

To find out more about the program and register, click here.