Currently, German government is aiming at introducing the legislation that could bring an end to all markets which use end-of-life tire derived materials in construction applied in accommodations and contacting to people.

ETRA represents the tyre recycling industry in Europe. The Association lobbies in favour of tire recycling sector at the European level and often at the national level through its Vice Presidents.

There is mainly a low profile lobbying, performed in face to face campaigning, however, from time to time a big issue arises that needs a more open approach like the initiative by the German government.

ETRA has outlined the proposed legislation in the links below, plus the response from ETRA, and a copy of the response from Ecopneus, the Italian body for tire recycling.

ETRA is only as strong as much the association will be supported by its members. Please take a look at ETRA’s homepage for more information.