European Tire Recycling Association is organizing the 24th annual conference in Brussels on the 22nd-24th of March 2017.

Tire Recycling, Weibold, Grant SearchThe two-day conference will focus on ever-expanding opportunities with regard to use of recycled tire materials in traditional and innovative applications. Issuing a call for papers, ETRA expects vivid discussions on topics such as research and technology, legislation and other.

ETRA comments: ‘The tyre recycling sector faces a number of challenges on the way towards a circular economy and the conference will explore those challenges and identify opportunities for the recycling industry.’ Additionally, there are a plenary session and Pyrolysis Forum planned for Friday, 24th of March. ETRA’s conference is supposed to bring together all professionals interacting throughout the value chain, ranging from manufacturers and even designers to professional engineers and recycling experts. Also, ETRA happily announced that Volvo adapted 100 per cent recycled carbon black for manufacturing of their chassis plugs. The technology is based on a pyrolysis process by an innovative Swedish company Scandinavian Enviro Systems. Source: Recycling International