Since now, tire recycling businesses in Europe will get more support, as the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) has become an ally of a famous and authoritative organization, the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) with an aim to boost European tire recycling.

The step means that ETRA will now be able to better monitor, technically assess and advocate for tire recycling.

In 2016, approximately 95% of all scrap tires in Europe were, reportedly, collected for recycling.

According to Emmanuel Katrakis, secretary general of EuRIC, the new collaboration signals a recognized productive group effort to help recyclers from various sectors, which began in 2016. Moreover, EuRIC is still willing to keep on improving the situation with recycling.

ETRA’s key representatives, Ettore Musacchi and Valerie Shulman, have emphasized that 2018 has seen the 25th annual tire recycling conference organized by the association. In May, more than 150 attendees could acquaint with the most efficient tire recycling practices and recent updates in Brussels.

During the events, primary focus was given to the following questions: how recycled products will be used in the future and what new markets are in demand now. The experts concluded that recycled rubber is chiefly used in road construction, flooring mats and other civil engineering applications.

Article by Recycling International