Included on the EU’s critical raw material list, natural rubber has been one of the most important resources to monitor for price developments, as was written by European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA).

European Union has this time included NR into the listing and thus recognised the need “to ensure the secure, sustainable and affordable supply of NR for the manufacturing industry.”

Natural rubber was the only biotic raw material among the 27 out of 61 candidate materials to pass the EU listing assessment, added a September 26 press release from the Brussels-based association. The decision, adopted as part of EU strategy on September 13, is important for the tire & rubber manufacturing sector, reported ETRMA, which contributed to the listing process.

“Natural rubber will receive proper political attention and consequent support when dealing with issues related to the supply of natural rubber” explained Fazilet Cinaralp, secretary general of the ETRMA.

Inclusion of NR on the list, she said, could help strengthen the competitiveness of the rubber industry and stimulate the production of natural rubber including beyond traditional producing countries. Moreover, said Cinaralp, the ‘critical’ status could “increase awareness of potential raw material supply risks and support the efforts of European Commission when negotiating trade agreements, in order to challenge potential trade distortion measures”

Article source: ETRMA