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Finland is going to launch a new initiative, where discarded tires will be turned into oil – the step will benefit the environment and diminish the demand for traded fossil fuels.

Given that old method was drastically upgraded, the Salo-based company Ecomation is now preparing to launch a tire recycling plant in the town of Nokia this October. Annually, the facility will handle around 8,000 tons of waste tires, causing no emissions.

The plant will turn waste tires into oil using the method of pyrolysis – materials will be heated at high temperatures in an environment free of oxygen. The extracted oil can be used in heating as furnace fuel, or purified and turned into petroleum or diesel. Finland struggled to introduce this method several years ago, but back then the plan didn’t work out.

Oil, gases, carbon char, and steel are the materials obtained when waste tires are recycled by the method of pyrolysis. Extracted materials can then be refined, modified and reused.

This method is seen as efficient tool that would decrease Finland’s demand for imported fuels, said Ecomation’s CEO Tommi Pajala.

He said that their facility is the most up-to-date and it is the first in Finland that gets oil from tires using pyrolysis on a large scale. He also asserted that it uses the safest pyrolysis technology in the world. Pajala admitted that it took eight years to create the refined technology. The concept has been gaining attention in other countries, and it may become more widespread in the future.

Currently, Finland processes the bulk of 50,000 tons of waste tires disposed of in the country every year. Usually, most of the tires are either burnt, or recycled into other products; some high-quality tires are sometimes retreaded. As a rule, recycled tires are usually used in production of rubberized and development of products like artificial grass for playgrounds or football pitches. Nevertheless, the range of applications varies widely and includes rubber tiles, insulation materials, noise reduction products, railroad ties and many more.

The town of Nokia, where the factory is going to be located, has gained international popularity as the host town of the big corporation, Nokian Tyres. The company manufactures tires for cars, buses, trucks and heavy-duty equipment. It has the world’s unique permanent winter tire testing facility.

The company operates since 1932 and now employs around 4,400 people. In 2016, Nokian Tyres reported sales of USD 1.65 billion.

Source: Sputnik News