Rubberised Asphalt and Recycled Tyre Applications for Roads and Urban Furniture
VENICE – TREVISO 22 October 2015

International Seminar for a Safer and more Sustainable City Life

ETRA, the European Tyre Recycling Association, in co-operation with ANTEL the National Association of Local Authority Technicians), and ARGO (the Italian Recyclers Assoiation), are organizing the next seminar flex & the city, Rubberised Asphalt and Recycled Tyre Products and Applications for Roads and Urban Furniture.


The event will be held in Treviso (Italy) on October 22nd, at the Sant’ Artemio Head Office of the Province of Treviso.

The seminar is designed to illustrate the many uses of recycled tyre rubber in road and urban furniture applications, highlightingthe flexibility of use and the high performance of the materials. Topics will include the uses of rubberised asphalt and reinforced concrete, and the impacts of these materials in the reduction of road and rail vibration as well as noise insulation. The programme will bring together representatives from the tyre recycling sector with the operators and developers, as well as the technicians involved in public works, as speakers and discussants. The target audience includes developers, implementers, engineers and technicians in the public and private sectors who design and install public works, as well as ETRA and ARGO members who produce and provide the raw materials for the projects.

The venue is a beautiful old palace in the Treviso surroundings, situated in the Storga Park, that will accommodate 250 delegates, with space for product exhibitions and posters. The event will offer:

– A one day seminar, of four sessions from 9.00 am to 5 pm, coffee break and lunch buffet

– Qualified participants from public and private companies as well as the Public Administration

– Speakers and experts covering critical fields of civil engineering

– Comparison of different experiences from various bodies and countries

– A range of recycled rubber products that meet the demands Public Administrations

– Projects disseminations and updates

– Networking opportunities: delegates are invited to arrange individual or small group meetings

– Space is available to display posters, brochures and products

– Language of the seminar English and Italian.

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For further information regarding accommodation and travel options:


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