Photo: Aliapur

On November 23, 2017, Recyvalor, the organization responsible for end-of-life tire management, presented a plan to collect and recycle tires at abandoned stockpiles in France.

Recyvalor attained its objectives set in 2008, the year when the association was launched by the French State Department for the Environment. The association has been collaborating with the tire-collecting and recycling company Aliapur which represented the tire-producing shareholders and dealt with its operational aspects. In total, the organization managed to remove 7 million tires, the equivalent of 55,000 tons. €8.3 million for the removal were provided by the main players from the private sector.

Recyvalor, a non-profit association, was launched in 2008 by leading representatives of the tire, waste management and environmental sectors. 28 companies and organizations volunteered to eliminate open air tire stockpiles and entered the framework agreement, requiring them to manage and fund the elimination of scrap tire stockpiles. The State and the ADEME (The French Environment and Energy Management Agency) supported the initiative.

According to Bénédicts Barbry, the President of Recyvalor, the main advantage of the association is that it unites and mobilizes a number of big companies functioning in the tire industry, which fund tire removal at abandoned scrap tire stockpiles.

Overall, 54 tire dumping sites have been closed with the support of the ADEME and the organization Robin des Bois. According to Hervé Domas, Aliapur’s Director General and vice-president of Recyvalor, these outcomes represent unitedness of the tire industry. Moreover, they show that leaders of the industry can effectively collaborate with public officials and solve environmental and social issues together.

Article Source: Aliapur