The Future Tire Conference, organised by European Rubber Journal publisher Crain Communications, will take place for the first time during the international tire industry event REIFEN and co-located RubberTech Europe in Essen on 24-27 May, 2016.

The conference will focus on current trends that are shaping the future of the tire and tire recycling industry.

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We would particularly like to bring to your attention the Afternoon session schedule from the first day of the event:

Afternoon session

FT Tire Recycling Forum

13.30  Moving towards a standardized approach to tire recycling

Jose Maria Bermejo, Recovery Markets Development Director, Signus

  • Barriers for the development of many of possible applications of materials from End of Life Tires (ELT)
  • The development of test methods for the characterisation of ELTs materials and their inclusion in standards
  • A continuous progress towards a sustainable circular business model for tires with an impact on economy and environment is being a priority for the industry

14.00  Potential and feasibility of tire recycling technologies – Myth or reality?

Wilma K. Dierkes, Associate Professor, Elastomer Technology & Engineering Group

  • Globally, 800.000.000 tires are discarded every year; a pile 5 times around the globe. What the possibilities are for re-use?
  • On the recycling ladder, we need to reach for the top: used tire rubber back into new tires, in a substantial amount
  • The alternatives for material recycling are grinding, reclaiming, devulcanization, and pyrolysis. The potential and feasibility of these different methods will be evaluated

14.30  Current barriers imperilling the recycling process

Ewan Scott, Editor, Tire and Rubber Recycling

  • Export Controls, or the lack of them
  • The continued dominance of lower level routes to recycling/ recovery
  • The legislation driven market
  • The resistance of the rubber industry to specifying a recycled rubber content

15.30  Tire recycling: Roadmap for the future

Ruud Burlet, Chairman – Tire & Rubber Committee, BIR

  • Major one source rubber waste streams are generally already recycled into useful materials and have positive prices
  • Their availability is limited even though some ten thousands of tons per year in the EC
  • The market of whole tires is one of millions of tons per year. But is per definition a mixed source (steel; textile and several rubber mixtures) if it comes down to recycling
  • De-vulcanise the mixture and still come up with a sensible product

16.00  Panel Discussion: A zero waste programme: Tire recovery and the circular economy

Chair: Peter Taylor, Secretary General, Tyre Recovery Association

  • Ruud Burlet, Chairman – Tire & Rubber Committee, BIR
  • Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General, ETRMA
  • Valerie Shulman, Secretary, ETRA
  • Wilma K. Dierkes, Associate Professor, Elastomer Technology & Engineering Group
  • Bob Kind, Technical Director, Polymer Recyclers Ltd.