On July 5, the Gary Common Council endorsed two decrees, recognizing special use zoning permits; the land, which is estimated to be 40 acres, will be used for construction of a tire recycling facility.

To get permission for Re-Energize of IN LLC to develop a recycling plant there, the decrees, which are still being decided upon, call for a spot at 1125-1225 Martin Luther King Drive for rezoning.

On July 5, the firm’s authorities and lawyers made a final appeal to the Common Council, despite company’s head, Peter Shirk, of New Buffalo, absence at the hearing.

The local Zoning Board of Appeals, endorsed the move after it had scrutinized the issue. The council’s Planning Committee had also paid a close attention to the issue; however, it failed to make it clear what its attitude towards the question is.

The vote in favor of the initiative was made by the council. According to Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, a loyal backer of the measure, the way Re-Energize takes rubber from waste tires and reprocesses it into diesel fuel is ‘a cleaner process, which leaves less of a carbon footprint’. Eventually, this helps to make the environment cleaner.

The official made a comparison of the initiative with Vexor Engineered Fuels, the enterprise responsible for operation of a newly established facility on Airport Road, which recycles paper, plastic and cardboard waste into substance used for fuel and serving as a substitute for coal.

She explained that such commercial projects have a promising future as they enable to manufacture useful products out of scrap.

Article source: OIA News