The 7th Scrap to Profit Conference, which was held in Nashville last week highlighted innovations to drive new and improved scrap tire markets. The event described the latest trends and innovations in the use of end-of-life tires.

Hosted by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and the Scrap Tire Research and Education Foundation (STREF), it has been the most attended Scrap to Profit Conference ever! In 2017, over 180 representatives from tire recycling and related industries rallied together to discuss scrap tire recycling prospects, learn about new technologies and network. Whereas this year’s conference has been held with remarkable success, the organizers hope the event will lead to further collaboration between industry members, will spur innovation and will help build better scrap tire markets.

Since 1990s, initiatives to improve scrap tire recycling worldwide have been receiving increased attention and results of concerted efforts of industry players and governments have been improving. Today, about 90% of annually generated scrap tires in U.S. and EU are consumed in end-use markets. Due to unflagging involvement of both private and public sectors, their networking and numerous conferences, collaborations and researches, waste tire stockpiles significantly decreased today and pose less much threat to environment and people’s health.

Anne Forristall Luke, USTMA president and CEO, commented:

“Our industry works hard to continually evaluate materials and processes to make tires as sustainable as possible. And we strive to increase knowledge and understanding of what it takes to reuse and recycle the products our members create.”

Topics highlighted during the conference

The 7th Scrap to Profit Conference covered topics such as:

  • Innovation as a drive for the scrap tire industry
  • Addressing recent and upcoming innovations in scrap tire uses
  • Sparking ideas for new markets
  • Tire Derived Fuel: Current Trends and Opening New Markets
  • Tire Derived Fuel: Long Term Future
  • Advances in Size Reduction Technology and the Role of the Equipment Manufacturer
  • Tire Derived Aggregate Panel: Creating Market Champions
  • Devulcanization, and, Ground Rubber: Molded and Extruded Products and Plastics
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt: New State Approaches
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt: Strategies for Implementation
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt: New Technologies
  • Pyrolysis and Gasification
  • Innovations in Molded and Extruded Products
  • Innovation: Identifying and Fostering the Next New Market
  • Unique Markets and New Possibilities
  • Flexible Pavements and Specialty Molding

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