Gomavial solutions is a Spanish company that works with end-of-life tires to manufacture various rubber products. Initially, Gomavial was launched by three companions, who wanted to bring to life their idea of novel type of road crash barriers to diminishing perils of injury for motor bikes in case of accident.

Since 2006, 500,000 tons of used tires have been accumulated in Spain and, surprisingly, only 50% of this stock has been reprocessed. The main tire dump is located in the south of Madrid, and it serves as an indication that used tires pose a huge environmental threat to the state. To accumulate 5 million tires, the plot of land of 117,000 square meters needed less than 15 years.

However, there is some room for optimism as novel initiatives to support tire processing are rapidly emerging. Gomavial Solution is one of them; the company reproduces tire material and creates such commodities as flip-flops, rubber for containers, sole shoes. Additionally, it manufactures protective walls for shooting ranges.

2009 saw the birth of Gomavial Solution, which was launch by three friends, including Pedro Ferron. He said that their main area of concern was the staggering number of accidents with road crash barriers involving motor-bike riders. Therefore, the companions set an aim to introduce a novel kind of barrier, which could prevent injuries, or result in less dangerous traumas. For construction of such barriers, the team intended to use end-of-life tires.

Ferron learned a lot about tires, their properties, composition and manufacturing design distinctions. He said that they decided to apply this knowledge to bring some diversity to the company’s range of products and work in various sectors.

Preventing rubber destruction

Gomavial Solutions isn’t an ordinary tire recycler. The company aims to protect the mechanical properties of the tire when reusing it, but it attempts not to destroy it, damage it or separate the rubber from fibers and metals. Ferron claims that this method allows to augment the added cost of their merchandise. One example is a tread, which is cut from a tire, as it is possible to reuse it for sole production of a shoe.

To remove the tire tread, the company uses a mechanism constructed in-house by Ferron’s team. He explained that the firm has a technology, which can deconstruct the tire and separate its layers. An innovative technology allows separating the components and preventing their destruction. In such a way, it allows to reuse waste in a groundbreaking way.

As regards to the capacity, each minute one tire can be recycled. Ferron highlighted that the company deals with approximately 60,000 tires annually.

Collaborating with Menorca

Gomavial Solutions plant is located in the north of Spain, to be more precise, in the outskirts of San Sebastian. The process of tire tread removal takes place here. After that, the product is shipped to Menorca where it is cut to size. The island has been hosting key footwear producers of Spain. Ferron shared that in 2016 they solely provided 2 tons, but in 2017 they aim to ship 10 tons.

As regards to the casings, other companies recycle the elements of tires that are left after tread removal.

Establishing own flip-flops brand

Tireflops is the brand owned and developed by Gomavial Solutions. Easy to guess, the brand produces flip-flops from used tires. Partially, the process of manufacturing takes place in the town of Arnedo, in Rioja region of Spain.

Since the year of its launch, 2015, the firm has manufactured 5000 flip-flops, chiefly for the market in Spain. Ferron confessed that they aim to produce 50,000 pairs in 2017.

Ferron see a promising opportunity to bring their flip-flops to the markets outside Spain, including European market and the emerging ones in the developing countries. The co-founder said that currently they are investigating the market of Latin America, including Brazil, where 150,000 million pairs of flip-flops are sold annually. These estimates were provided by one brand only.

Ferron revealed that his company also searching for ways to collaborate with tire recycles in Europe and South America to sell their technology. Gomavial Solutions work with various industry sectors, even producing protective walls and curtains at shooting ranges.

Ferron says that there are two particular products for this sector. The first product is manufactured from tire treads that are impossible to use for other merchandise and from recovered deposits of shoe soles. With the thickness of 20-70 mm, these TRBT Bullet Traps are efficient with any gun, according to Ferron.

450 tires are needed to produce one TRBT Bullet Trap. The company also provides bullet-proof curtains, one of which incorporate 80 tires.

Learn more about the company at http://www.gomavial.com