Two technology firms, Artis and Haydale, started collaboration with Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions to study plasma-functionalization of recovered carbon black (rCB) from waste tires. The investigation process will last for two years and will include examination of Haydale’s original plasma technology and its possible applications for effective enhancement of recovered carbon black materials, so they could be reused in rubber applications in the field of engineering.

In addition, the plan will utilize plasma-functionalized graphene as an individual material, or as a constituent of a hybrid system created from rCB. According to Haydale press release, these systems could be applied in development of innovative multifunctional elastomeric materials and other goods, potentially used in a multitude of fields and targeting versatile industry segments.

British agency Innovate UK takes part in funding of the initiative. The overall budget of the project amounts to more than £750,000, according to ERJ. Dr. Matthew Thornton, senior manager at Haydale said: “We recognise the strength of our partners in this project to be able to take the solutions that will be developed to market on a global level. We believe our expertise in functionalisation will ensure that we can design and deliver the desired type and degree of functionality to recovered carbon black materials and that these, in combination with functionalised graphene and other nanomaterials, will subsequently find applications across the elastomer industry, primarily through the market sectors served by the partners in this project consortium”.

Martyn Bennett, chief scientist at Avon Rubber Plc company Artis said that his firm hoped that this technology has the capacity to increase the chances for graphene and different nanomaterials. He also said that via functionalization, it could allow growth of the firm’s technology offerings to the rCB industry and serve the most significant representatives of recovered carbon black market.

Bill Mortel, head of materials at Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions, said that Trelleborg is committed to the innovation, as using plasma treatments and graphene materials can improve performance of their formulations, and this procedure appeals to the company and can be adopted as a production process.

Article source: Haydale