Houston Tires

After six months of a grace period, the city of Houston has started enforcing its Scrap Tire Ordinance. The approved by the Houston City Council regulation requires all scrap tire operations in the city to be registered with the city. It has also established regulations and procedures for the safe transportation, storage, disposal and recordkeeping of waste tires.

“More than 19,000 tires have been hauled away since February as the city works to clean up illegal dump sites that can serve as breeding grounds for the mosquito-born Zika Virus,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner. “This is a huge problem in our neighborhoods, and we have to attack it from every angle.”

The businesses, which have something to do with old/waste tires need to register and/or annually to obtain a permit with the city. The transporters of tires must also present a city-issued label on their trucks. Tire producers need to allow for an annual examination of their records.

From July 1, 2016, inspectors have started visiting and checking businesses for compliance. The registration cost is $93.93 for businesses generating scrap tires and $172 for entities transporting tires. Owners, refusing to register with the city are being ticketed. Fines are $250 per day, per offense.

Article source: Recycling Today