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Month by month, our weibold! academy series dwells deeper into the world of tire recycling and highlights different sides of running this business. In case you have missed our previous articles, you can find the links at the end of this post.

How to create your own sandals from used tires

Planters, tire swings, sculptures, houses, rubberized asphalt, playgrounds – this is not even the full list how tires can be applied after the end of their life cycle. Nevertheless, the innovative idea that sustainable eco sandals can be produced out of old tires has won hearts and minds of manufacturers, who want to turn old used tires into valuable products.

Did you know that, in fact, Kenian Maasai Warriors have been processing old tires, and after that they easily created wearable shoes? Thus, the idea to make your personal pair of eco sandals can still be very appealing and intriguing.

It has now become an international burning issue how to find ways to effectively use discarded tires, as hundreds of millions of them is collected annually. When used tires are stockpiled, a number of issues can occur, such as hazardous fires, as burning tires badly contribute to the eco system.

One example of sustainable recycling is valorization. The process is handled on an industrial level, as it deals with waste and turns it into different products or energy-providing materials. Another eco-friendly way of waste processing is tire to tire recycling.

Given that composition of tires is rather complex, it is not an easy task to come up with effective recycling methods. It is rather complicated to process tires into carbon black, as they contain rubber, steel and a number of chemical additives.

Making your own eco sandals from old tires

Each of us can do a small contribution to tire-recycling problem if we create our own eco flip flops.  Here, we will teach you how.

Firstly, you can get acquainted with the process in the video by Urban Self Sufficiency and you will see for yourself how easy it is to make the sandals.

If you find the video too fast to follow, here is a step by step guide from the video with the images.

ATTENTION: Be extra cautious with sharp tools. If you are not a confident user of sharp tools, don’t risk your safety when cutting tires and turn for help. Make sure you follow all safety rules and wear all necessary equipment to guarantee personal protection.

Follow this step-by-step guide

  1. Determine the size and mark sufficient amount of tire rubber you will use for each flip flop – do that using any sandal you have of the size you need

  1. CAUTIOUSLY shear the two marked segments from the tire

  1. Get your 2 patterns of cut tires, after that take flip flop that you own and draw around it, which will make the material ready to be cut

  1. With extra care, cut around the markings of your flip flops. After that, do some undercutting, so the edges become smooth. Get the shape you need. It should be repeated for both flip flops.

  1. Take your existing flip flops and mark holes for straps with the help of them. After that, drill. On the bottom part, counter sink holes.

  1. Use either existing old flip flop straps (as done in the video), or paracord, and then push them through the holes

  1. That was the last step. Finally, you should get an eco-sandals, which will be worn for long time.

Additionally, you can watch one more amazing video by the Eden Project. They will teach you how to make flip flops using a chisel instead of a knife for the step 5 as shown in our guide, which may be less dangerous, as well as they provide some background info about tires.

Video, images and content: Calm, Happy, Healthy.

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