Image source: Recycling Today

Recycling Today has recently published information which is worth considering for tire recyclers who rely on steel sales.

The World Steel Association (WorldSteel) located in Brussels published figures which tell that world crude steel production in 67 countries which report their statistics to the association added up to 126.6 million metric tons last month. This is 4.1 percent more compared to the same period of the last year. Output of WorldSteel members accounts for some 85 percent of the world’s steel output. The organization includes more than 160 producers of steel.

In China, production of crude steel for February reached 61.2 million metric tons, which is 4,6 percent more than in February 2016. Over the same period of time other Asian countries exhibit the following trends: Japan experienced 0.1 percent decrease in production, India – 8.9 percent increase, South Korea – 8.3 percent increase.

In the Europe, Germany declared producing 3.5 million metric tons of steel (2.6% increase), Italy – 2 million metric tons (1.2% increase), France – 1.2 million metric tons (5.8% decrease), Spain – 1.1 million metric tons (4.6% decrease).

In Turkey, production of crude steel in February 2017 reached 2.7 million metric tons (15.6 percent increase), whereas United States produced 6.4 million metric tons of steel and decreased its output by 1 percent compared to the last February. Brazil increased its output by 5.7 percent which reached 2.6 million tons of crude steel.

Among members of the WorldSteel, utilization capacity of crude steel in February reached 70.3 percent, i.e. 4 percent more than in February 2016. Along with this increase, the capacity was 1.1 percent higher than in January 2017.

Article source: Recycling Today