Photo: Richmond Steel Recycling

Indra and Deloitte win tender to help Morocco with car recycling. Indra Automobile, a France-based business specializing in car recycling, will now partner with Deloitte to launch a designing project of a used automotive waste management system in Morocco.

As a supplementary branch of car recycling, tire recycling should start developing in the country.

According to Loïc Bey-Rozet, Indra Automobile Recycling’s representative, the company’s initiative will allow Moroccan businesses entering trade relations with various African countries.

Moreover, thanks to the newly won tender in Morocco, the company will be able to help the state in developing automotive recycling sector, Bey-Rozet added.

The project’s key objective is to create a sanctioned system for effective recycling vehicles in Morocco to utilize precious resources and clean up junkyards from scrap. The initiative is expected to be carried out by the end of 2018.

Deloitte and Indra Automobile will need to carefully study the current market situation in Morocco regarding recycling. Additionally, the two global tender winners are required to team up with local authorities to come up with the most effective strategy that could outperform current plans.

Indra Automobile Recycling is a French corporation based in Villefontaine. Two owners of half of its shares are Renault and Suez; 174 employees currently work for the company. In 2017, its turnover was estimated at 45 million euros.

Only in 2017, more than 350,000 cars had been recycled by Indra in France, which helped the business to increase the recovery and reuse rate to higher than 95%.

Today, Indra manages 350 old vehicle points.

Article by Recycling International