In the middle of May, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) announced that it agreed to absorb Recycled Rubber Council (RRC) – an association for manufacturers, distributors and processors of recycled rubber. Thereby, ISRI will also take over the activities of the council.

Recycled Rubber Council was composed of small used rubber processors and collectors who, according to RRC’s board member Steve Bigelow, had lack of financial resources to sustain the organization and effectively carry out its objectives.

Steve, who is also a vice president of sales and marketing at Liberty Tire Recycling, adds that RRC’s members sought ways to use funds more prudently and eventually they agreed to pass on the organization under the authority of ISRI. Now it is agreed that ISRI will take care of lobbying efforts and administration of Recycled Rubber Council. RRC was established two years ago and meant to become a voice of the industry delivering verified and unbiased information about recycled rubber. One of the major incentives to establish the organization was the ongoing nation-wide debate on health effects of crumb rubber infill in artificial turf fields.

Mr. Bigelow pinpointed that RRC’s members partly engaged in the crumb rubber supply chain are expected to become full-fledged ISRI members and ensure that the council’s mission is carried out effectively. For years, ISRI developed its own stance on numerous waste rubber issues. Among them are: rubber mulch for playgrounds, synthetic turf and rubberized asphalt. Moreover, ISRI recently released its scrap rubber market overview as a part of their magazine “Scrap.”

Article source: Rubber News