OTR Section Repair Mold of Vulcan Vulcap. Photo: Vulcan Vulcap

Canadian enterprise, Vulcan Vulcap Industries Inc. that specializes in a tire repair and produces tire retread equipment, has been purchased by International Tire Repair Solutions Inc. (ITRS), a company distributing tire repair material.

According to ITRS CEO Gilles Wauthy, this step is meeting the company’s standard of safe service provision by means of recognized cost-efficient merchandise.

ITRS’s aspiration is to grow into a key business in tire recycling via repair segment: to attain the goal, the enterprise aims to satisfy its clients’ needs selling them the authorized technologies, which have been approved by the authorities, shared Wauthy.

After Vulcan Vulcap has become part of ITRS, the company may increase the number of products that it supplies to the vulcanizing industry.

In addition, with Vulcan Vulcap being part of ITRS, the business will be in charge of its merchandise and will be able to set reasonable prices, which may lead to transformation of tire retread industry.

Vulcan Vulcap has headquarters in Toronto. The enterprise assists representatives of the tire retread and repair segments with tire repairing equipment, providing technologies such as section repair mold, retread equipment, Vulcaflex OTR System and other products helping maintain quality of the equipment.

Article by Tire Review