The ONG Trec Art started its work about two years ago. Their main goal is the improvement of the quality of life of communities through art, culture, innovative pedagogy; They are part of a net of organizations that work towards the recovery of public spaces called IE CHO (the good path in native Muisca language)

They are an organization mainly composed by Young people looking to benefit communities through environmental pedagogy at a local, national and international level.


They promote social change and the betterment of spaces, fomenting social economy, human rights and pedagogy and practice as a transversal axis. They believe in art and culture as powerful tools for sustainable change and the betterment of public spaces a key factor in the construction of a healthy social fabric.


They currently develop their projects in Bogota, capital city of Colombia in South America. They focus on the recollection of solid residues and their transformation to resignify its use from a utilitarian objects and waste to ornamental objects and works of art.


In consequence of a problematic they have identified and the need of the communities of urban and rural areas to recuperate their public spaces, occupied by solid residues like tires and plastic waste. They also look to mitigate the environmental damage caused by these kinds of residues and the hazard for public health they represent.

Their organization creates incentives through a social economic component focused on the creation of furniture and employment.  

Their projection is to replicate these alternatives for public spaces in worldwide level.


They know and foment the importance of the power of articulate this initiative to contribute the development of the post conflict in their home country Colombia, recovering spaces for memory and with art and environmental pedagogy.

Fundamentally they reaffirm their compromise with generating conscience and teaching these practices in communities all over, having as an end a change of perception and culture through active participation and the reconstruction of the social fabric.


They count with the tools and the work team to guarantee the sustainability and participation of the communities in the development of our ongoing projects.

Their process has been completely self-managed. They are open to donations and co-working experiences to expand their range of action in the construction of a sustainable future. Take active part in this transformation.   

In short term they envision to continue the process, in long term the duration of the project has no end.

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Nit. 900.888.662-1
Correo: trecartt@gmail.com
Contactos: 57 + 316 619 34 02
Juan David Carrillo Pinzón
Líder de proyectos
Whatsapp: 57 + 318 525 58 59