Spain-based plant of Lehigh Technologies designed to produce Micronized Rubber Powders (MRP) is expected to become operational this summer, reveals the current owner of Lehigh Technologies, Michelin.

Spanish branch of Lehigh is responsible for the facility’s construction. A town Murrillo del Fruto was chosen as a location for the new facility, which is now being developed by Lehigh Technologies in association with Hera Holding.

Lehigh, a key player in the MRP commercial segment, was launched in 2003 and is currently owned by Michelin. MRP is a raw environment friendly material capable of reducing feedstock expenditures by half, simultaneously being a top-quality product, which can be used for many purposes.

Photo: Lehigh Technologies

According to Michelin, Lehigh is totally in line with economic principles of sustainability. MRP serves as a replacement material for conventional rubber products used in rubber goods, rubberized coatings, rubberized asphalt, thermoplastic elastomers, etc.

Lehigh’s specialists customize their products so they could cater to almost any customer. Lehigh already runs the biggest MRP plant in the world, which is located in Georgia, US, and can recycle 54,000 tons of tires annually.

One of Georgia’s cities, Tucker, hosts Lehigh’s Application & Development Center, which is used by Michelin to carry out research activities. It also welcomes customers, as the center usually collaborates with them and optimizes MRP there.

Currently, Michelin has five varieties of the product, including PolyDyne, Zenoflex and other options, however the company is working on further expansion of the product line using recycled scrap tires.

Article by TyrePress