The micronized rubber powder (MRP) producer from the United States, Lehigh Technologies, will construct its first plant in Europe this August. The company uses end-of-life tires to manufacture MRP.

As a location for setting up the plant, Lehigh Technologies has chosen Murillo el Fruto in northern Spain. Construction of the European facility has been delayed a couple of times before, said VP and general manager Kedar Murthy.

The plant’s annual capacity is expected to reach 10,000 tons and it will use a cryogenic turbo mill – a machinery capable of manufacturing MRP using end-of-life tires, post-production rubber scrap and buffings.

The US-based company already has a plant capable of handling 64,000 tons per year in Tucker, Georgia (United States).

Last autumn, Michelin received ownership rights for Lehigh Technology.

Article: Rubber News