On August 26, the large-tire collection event in Lenawee County, Michigan (United States) was held, where more than 3,000 tires of different sizes were gathered.

According to Lenawee County Solid Waste Program manager, Diana Schroeder, the last time when similar event gathered farm tractor and semi-tractor tires in Michigan took place approximately five years ago.

She wrote in an email that the event turned out to be more successful than the organizers initially expected. Schroeder expressed the organization’s gratitude to Lenawee County community for its patience when queuing to hand over their used tires and for its contribution to the eco-process of waste tires recycling.

The funding for the event came from a grant that the Lenawee County Health Department received to prevent the expansion of Zika virus via elimination of spots where mosquitos can breed. Water is often collected in old tires, and this creates a good environment for mosquitos, so they can lay their eggs.

The Lenawee County Fair and Event Grounds has assembled 384 semi tires. In addition, 68 small tractor tires and 37 heavy tractor tires have been received. A figure of 3,451 is the overall number for all the passenger vehicle tires and motorcycle tires collected at the event.

Cobalt Holdings LLC of Sturgis was a receiver of tires. The company processes old tires and uses crumb rubber in flooring, pavement and playground equipment. It also uses them as rubber mulch and as equine turf.

Only one semitrailer was provided by Cobalt at the event, however, last week, it resumed the tire collection of all the tires brought on August 26.

According to Schroeder, the representative of Redline Equipment Kevin Latham provided a tractor which helped to load semi and tractor tires. The tractor was operated by Jack Still of Greenjak in Morenci. Additionally, Damascus Road sent volunteers, who were involved in unloading and loading of smaller tires.

Schroeder said that it would have been impossible to make this event happen if it wasn’t for the help of volunteers, state establishments and significant donations.

In addition, she expressed gratitude to all the people who were involved in loading and unloading of used tires, such as Lenawee County Commissioner Bob Knoblauch, Palmyra Township Supervisor Jim Isley, county administrator Martin Marshall with her husband, Rick Schroeder.

Article source: LenConnect