Thomas Womble, chief executive officer, Liberty Tire Recycling (Source: PR News)

Liberty Tire Recycling has recently appointed Thomas Womble its new CEO. The new head has been with the company more than 16 years, has served as the chief operating officer and was responsible for supervision of everyday operations for 28 manufacturing locations in both the United States and Canada.

The chairman of the board of directors for Liberty Tire Recycling, Nils Larsen, said that Womble’s profound and rich experience in the industry combined with his systematic understanding of the company’s processes make him the ideal candidate for the role of CEO. He also explained that Womble was extremely knowledgeable of the intricacies of the company and the value proposition that Liberty Tire delivers to the marketplace: it withdraws a huge number of scrap tires from the waste stream, recycles them and converts these materials into sustainable merchandise. Liberty’s recycling tires solves a range of problems, which establishments and communities now face.

Before Womble, Scott Whitney served as the company’s CEO. He eventually became a part of Liberty’s board and was assigned its leader in June 2015.

Article source: Tire Review