A tire recycling company is currently on sale in Kuwait. The company possesses an exclusive tire recycling license approved by authorities, as well as an approved financing by the Industrial Bank of Kuwait: 80% CAPEX and 2,5% interest rate (USD 820,000).

The offer includes storage and industrial land, free of rent fees for the next two years. The size of land included in the offer is 50,000 square meters. The industrial site is located in Al Salmi area in Kuwait. Scrap tires are available in abundance and will be sourced from the landfill belonging to Kuwaiti authorities (Kuwait Tire Graveyard). According to estimates, there are over 54 million scrap tires (both car and truck) currently available at the landfill.

The license imposes no limitations on end products manufactured by its owners. Also, no limitations are imposed by the authorities on recycling capacities, as Kuwaiti government encourages tire recyclers helping dismantle the notorious and huge tire stockpile.

The industrial license is valid indefinitely (upon successfully operating tire recycling factory), while the landfill license renews automatically on annual basis.

For additional information, please send an email to kwptires@gmail.com or call +965 9992 7757 (also Whatsapp).