According to the press release by Marangoni, its Turkish expansion will increase dealer benefits and improve logistics services. Marangoni Retreading Systems have announced a significant development to their Turkish business interests. The move is to expand the company’s ever-growing market share worldwide.

Marangoni Kauçuk opened a new warehouse and headquarters in Istanbul due to its strategic importance to tire retreading industry. This will give the company proximity to its network of dealers in Turkey. Additional benefit is logistics: the new location spans two continents and thus it will greatly benefit distributors.

Whereas Turkey’s retread market is the sixth biggest in Europe, it’s second to Germany in the field of the cold retreading. Marangoni’s sales subsidiary ind Turkey “Kauçuk Ticaret” possesses impressive share of the domestic market which is expected to grow even more.

The company’s new offices and logistics warehouse in Istanbul will be headed by Nejat Dagdemir, who has been general manager of Marangoni Kauçuk since 2014.

He says that the company enjoys a complete inland delivery service with warehouses in 15 cities throughout Turkey. In addition, the company’s investment in warehouse management system is supplemented by automatic ID technologies, such as RFID, which are supposed to enhance customer service.

Article source: Marangoni