Courtesy photo: Citizen Times

A massive tire fire engulfed a tire recycling facility located not far from Biltmore Village in Asheville, North Carolina, US, that left fire crews battling with it for almost two hours on August 16.

The fire brigades received a call early morning after an accumulation of tires and waste stored close to the premises of Biltmore Iron and Metal Co had caught fire.

The fire was identified as large that turned that way as the fire crews struggled to put it down quickly, Asheville Fire Department spokeswoman Kelly Klope said.

She also noted that certain waste and debris at the site hampered positioning of fire trucks in a preferred place when fire crews had reached the tire recycling plant. Thus, the entire firefighting procedure was carried out on the McDowell Street Bridge from where the flames were sprayed from the air. In addition, crew undertook a series of measures to prevent fire from spreading further.

The fire removal procedure included the usage of heavy machinery that was sent to the site later which allowed firefighters to eliminate the fire by 6:15 AM, Klope added.

Apart from being challenged with fire, crews had to face dangerous malodorous smoke that is produced by burning tires.

Fire marshals didn’t find any signs that would make them identify the cause of the fire a suspicious, however investigations were still underway, the spokesperson said.

Article by Citizen Times