The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provided a scrap tire recycler, Maryville Carbon Solutions (MCS), with a Scrap Tire Processing Facility Operating Permit in the beginning of August this year. As a result of this step, the overall number of permitted state’s processors now total at 21.

Even though the firm is based in Maryville, Missouri, the company belongs to Bolder Industries, which is located in Colorado and specializes in production of Bolder Black – the material that the company claims to be an environment-friendly substitute to conventional carbon black.

Environmental expert at the Missouri DNR, Kirk Mitchell, said that the new facility is beneficial for local communities, as it can cleanse the environment of tires. “The city of Maryville has fully embraced MCS, and our department is very optimistic about their contributions to the northwest portion of the state and the local community,” Mitchell added.

According to MCS, its site will convert scrap tires into valuable goods, and it will function as an eco-friendly and net energy positive company. The processing of 1 to 2 million tires each year is planned by the company. It also aims to extract tire-derived fuel oil, Bolder Black, steel and different types of crumb rubber.

The plant will establish individual fees for tires and will introduce a bulk rate for tire loads no less than 15 items. According to MCS’s press release, the facility will receive tires at weekday hours only and will require scheduling an appointment beforehand.

MCS labels itself as a firm functioning with a patented closed-loop technology that processes end-of-life tires into durable, eco-friendly products in a site that has the efficiency 90% higher in terms of water and electricity consumption compared to its profitmaking alternatives. MCS expects diverting approximately 25,000 tons of materials annually from entering landfills.

Article source: Recycling Today