weibold! is glad to announce launching a consulting branch in Mexico! From now on, tire recycling and pyrolysis startups and operators can benefit from our support and know-how in launching, sustaining and upgrading their businesses.

We offer our support in carrying out market studies, technology comparisons, grant and investor searches, business planning and due diligence. Operating companies will benefit from our consulting services such as plant modification options, strategic planning, market research, sales support, training and expert opinion in resolving disputes.

weibold!’s presence in America is ensured by José Manuel Etchegaray Delgado. Manuel is a Founder of ME Solutions, a multi-service company based in Guadalajara, Mexico. He had been working as an investment advisor for more than 10 years, which eventually resulted in his interest to environment-friendly technologies. He was invited to participate in a tire recycling business to help develop the right corporate identity and explore emerging market opportunities. Manuel has a broad experience in providing efficient client-focused services, approaching desired markets and designing right networking strategies.

José Manuel Etchegaray Delgado
Address: Paseo de los Geranios 117, Rancho contento, 45222, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Cell/WhatsApp: +52 33 124 178 19