A green-energy company from the UK, Mishergas, is now approaching its funding goal, which will assist plants in extracting energy from waste tires.

Dan and Vicki Templar, who are the founders of the firm, are now attempting to get an investment of £300,000 via the Seedrs platform, and 9.63 per cent equity stake was. Approximately £190,000, which will be used to fund the plans of the business, have already been guaranteed by investors.

The facility is going to be based close to Grimsby where Mishergas will deploy tire pyrolysis equipment. The five-acre site would be capable of generating 8MW of electricity; it would be sufficient to power 15,000 households.

Mishergas is taking a different route in comparison to most pyrolysis companies that get their main profits from tire-derived oil and rCB. The firm plans to recycle almost 10 percent of the UK’s 50 million waste tires that come to end-of-life stage each year. Mishergas aims to handle waste car and truck tires, and process 40,000 tons annually.

According to the company, all their achievements were made thanks to people’s willingness “to invest in the planet’s future.” The company has once more turned to crowdfunding to speed up plant’s construction and reach the finish line. Mishergas said, despite the firm is approaching its goal, it will appeal to people for support again.

To learn more about the company, visit Mishergas’ website

Article source: Tyre and Rubber Recycling