New Solid Waste Assistance Grants’ winners who will tackle existing waste issues in Mississippi, including illegal tire dumping, have been announced by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in Jackson.

The grants will help design and carry out a number of projects, such as prevention of illegal tire disposal and clearance of illegally stored tires, assistance with recruiting waste management companies, raising awareness about the necessity of recycling.

DEQ recently provided several grants within the state.

Mississippi-based Yazoo City was granted $24,000 for the timespan of two years to carry out a scrap tire collection project within the state. The money for tire grants are taken from scrap tire account. These fees are levied on buyers of new tires in Mississippi and then they are forwarded to the scrap tire account.

Walnut-based Northeast Mississippi Solid Waste Authority serving 7 counties in Mississippi state, has won $36,000 of funding to execute its solid waste control plan. Neshoba County has received $22,800 to fund similar projects but in its district.

Claiborne County has won $38,344 to execute projects for solid waste clearance and to hire a waste enforcement officer.

$50,000 are provided to Warren County to carry out the hazardous waste collection event for a number of households on June 16. Moreover, the funds will be used to remove unauthorized dumpsite.

The application for Solid Waste Assistance Grants via the regional DEQ is available to Mississippi’s counties and cities.

Article: Recycling Today