829 tons of used tires were transported by The Solid Waste Management Division under the Department of Public Works to South Korea for reprocessing.

The recycling facility is located at the Lower Base Transfer Station, and it passed 28 40-feet containers to a contractor to repurpose them, said Secretary of Public Works, James Ada.

According to Ada, the firm is glad to have the opportunity to recycle and transport the used tires. These tires will be used for batching concrete in construction. Developing countries normally import waste tires on a seasonal basis and the recycling facility has been getting the material in excess for many consecutive years.

Ada said that the plant recently purchased a tire shredder capable of dealing with heavy equipment tires to provide proper baling. The secretary also stated that the facility has gathered 40 tons of metal and 85 tons of cardboard – the materials will be transported for recycling to clear the landfill space.

The secretary said that communities should understand that the process of sorting out of the items at the transfer point is extremely important. He also noted that the company aims to preserve materials and look after the landfill.

Given current appropriation of $2.3 million by the Saipan and Northern Islands Delegation, it will be possible to get extra capacity at the Marpi Landfill if funding is provided, said Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres.

He said that Puerto Rico dump case showed how important it is to address solid waste control using existing and inexpensive methods. Even though it is a great responsibility to sort out the materials for recycling, it is a very important step for infrastructure development and waste management.

Governor Torres hopes that these modification undertakings will help to come up with more productive methods for solid waste clearance and will lead to prevention of pollution leakage into groundwater and contamination of other resources.

Source: Marianas Variety