Munster Tire Recycling has celebrated its 10th anniversary of operation in Munster. As an experienced waste tire recycler, collector and preprocessor, company offers to its clients customized and unfailing services.

The business is now serving the entire Munster, offering economical services and recycling a wide range of tires, including aircraft tires. The business is located in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, and is owned by Mike Ahern.

In 2006, the businessman decided to launch the company after he visited a recycling conference in Dundalk, Co. Louth. Munster Tire Recycling, which handles scrap tire recycling and disposal, was launched by Ahern and his dad.

According to Irish Trucker, a specialized equipment for tire shredding is used by the company; it can transform waste tires into valuable materials, which could be used to produce a wide range of merchandise.

The plant deals with all kinds of tires. In addition, the company have services for minor load collection, working with single tires, or collection in huge bodied walking floor trailers. The latter allows the clients to dispose a big quantity of tires of various types. The service charges a fixed fee for each load, which is cost-efficient and helps to avoid ambiguity in costs.

Munster Tire Recycling aims to process tires as a green company, as it is totally aware of how dangerous vulcanized rubber can be for environment – this type of rubber, containing added chemicals, is used to produce tires.

The company deals both with industrial sites and with scrapyards, tire retail outlets, authority depots based in Munster.

Mike said that end of life tires, which are recycled by his company, are collected all over Munster or even Ireland. Normally, there are three vehicles collecting the tires from the company’s clients every week.

Photo: Munster Tire Recycling

The company owner added that his business operates the Killoglin plant, which uses all the appropriate machinery to recycle the customer’s tires, and which prevents storing tires at landfills.

Tires contain fiber, steel and rubber and when recycled can be transformed into a big number of products, such as shoes, appliances for construction and playgrounds, garden mulch and many others. Now, the company distributes their end product in baled form. However, a collaboration with Repak ELT may transform it and help the company become more competitive in Ireland.

In autumn 2015, Repak ELT received an approval from the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, and now it is functioning as the sole waste tire compliance program in Ireland.

It covers the discarding of all waste tires in the state, as well as donates some funds for removal of approximately 10 to 15 million tires, which are being stored at unauthorized dumps and other sites.

Munster Tyre Recycling forms Repak ELT and it has a National Waste Collection authorization. According to Mike, even the launch of Repak is not enough yet, and the national industry is still ignorant of advantages that tire recycling brings, thus it is necessary to raise awareness and change existing attitudes, though he admitted that it will be hard to get rid of old habits.

Ahern explained that back in 2007, the time when his business had only begun its operation, the country saw a huge number of stockpiles, as no proper recycling had been introduced yet. Even though there have been some noticeable improvements since then, Irelands still has to work on altering the attitudes of the public towards recycling.

He added that despite his clients are charged some insignificant fee, they are now supporting green thinking and they demand that their tires are discarded through the right approaches.

To sum up, Munster Tire Recycling keeps on strengthening its position by offering a specialized and quick waste tire collection. The firm holds a firm belief that their methods of tire recycling will both protect the environment and create new high-quality products.

Article: Irish Trucker