According to a recent announcement from Murfitts Industries two artificial football fields are being constructed in Australia. The two huge football grounds are being made from recycled tyres that will be transported from the UK. Murfitts Industries, UK’s leading rubber granule manufacturer is intending to take an eco-friendly approach to creating a football field for soccer players in the city of Melbourne. Murfitts Industries has made sure the materials they recycle meet the regulations of FIFA, the football’s governing body.

Murfitts Industries creates a football field with 300 tons of recycled RubberThe masterminds at Murfitts Industries have specifically thought and designed a plan that will be used to create these huge fields.

Such an idea has never been implemented in the world. Australia will be the first to receive its extraordinary football field. 300 tons of recycled rubber granules are being shipped from England to Australia. And these tyres will be used to create a 19,000-square-meter soccer surface for the Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club in Melbourne.

Melbourne is not the only city that will receive this superb present from Murfitts – the rubber industry is also setting up brand new fields in Belem, Tokyo and Amsterdam. They provide a 100% recycling guarantee for all tyres. They manage to recycle more than 11 million tyres per year.

Mark Murfitt, the owner of Murfitt industries says, “Our business is unusual in that we are able to completely remove a waste product from the refuse chain and create something of higher value from it, something which clearly has multiple benefits.”

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