Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics by ANRPC is important to monitor for all tire recycling companies willing to forecast their revenues.

The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) recently commenced publishing information on trends and forecasts in the global rubber market. From April on, the information is being published in the monthly magazine “Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics.”

From April on, reports on the global supply and demand of natural rubber (NR) are going to be provided by ANRPC on the regular basis. Thus, the association provides statistical data on the global demand and supply of natural rubber. Aiming to provide the public with better understanding of developments in natural rubber market, ANRPC will improve their analysis of NR trends.

Over the past years, sentiments with regard to NR oversupply have been repeatedly arisen. To tackle the problem and deliver more precise information, ANRPC carried out a scientific assessment of rubber-producing areas to be newly opened for tapping from now on. In addition, the acreage of trees cut down for replanting was accounted for. During the assessment, these and likely changes in average yield per hectare, as well as all relevant factors across rubber-producing countries, were considered.

In the first quarter of 2017, there was a shortage of supply over demand by 466,000 tons, estimates show. Notwithstanding, NR pieces kept falling due to some external factors not related to the industry. In particular, this happened because of increased shale gas output in United States.

Although it is expected that OPEC and non-OPEC oil producing countries will agree on production curtailment in the middle of June, crude oil prices fell sharply from February to May. Experts say, that the prices, nonetheless, are going to recover. In May, Brent crude oil price fell down to USD 46 per barrel and it is expected to increase up to USD 54 per barrel till the end of 2017.

International Monetary Fund estimates price increase of 18 percent this year. Usually, NR market gains simultaneously with all commodities in upward trend. But strong US dollar is currently a major impediment to market recovery, and it is likely to stay strong unless United States adopt a currency-weakening policy.

Information source: ANRPC