A new tire recycling plant occupying an area of 170,000 square feet that will recycle used tires, is anticipated to be soon constructed in  Hawkesbury, a town in Ontario. The plant will be constructed by Ecolomondo – a company specialized in hydrocarbon waste recycling located in Montreal, Canada.

According to Hawkesbury’s Mayor Jeanne Charlebois, a contract between the local administration and Ecolomondo has already been made official. However, the process is still incomplete and requires additional negotiations, which will elaborate on all construction details, which are needed for parties to reach the final agreement.

Ecolomondo still needs to purchase the site at a provincial industrial area, and the negotiations with the local officials regarding this issue are ongoing.

According to Radio-Canada’s report, the official signing of the agreement is expected to take place closer to the end of the next month.

Article by: CBC