Following the announcement of New Zealand’s environment minister Eugenie Sage that she sought to increase recycling rate in the country by 2020 paying special attention to tire recycling and reprocessing of batteries, the country’s officials now have started to prepare to take measures that would substantially eliminate scrap tires and other types of unsafe waste.

Sage admitted that New Zealand’s government has long been neglecting the issue of waste and scrap tires in particular, however now the state’s Environment Ministry is seeking to introduce obligatory product stewardship that would target tires, batteries and chemicals produced by agricultural sector.

Moreover, the minister noted that the authorities may raise the current disposal fee which now is NZD 10 per ton. She further noted that currently the fee is paid only by 11 percent of all landfills in the state.

At the same time, prime minister Jacinda Ardern stated that in summer 2019 the country will phase out plastic bags that are used only once, as the country uses annually an outrageous number of such bags.

According to Sage, harsh measures are likely to make unlawful dumping flourish. Thus, “better enforcement” was required to deal with the issue.

Speaking about scrap tires, it seems that a tire tax might be introduced, and it will be levied on consumers.

Annually, New Zealand sees 4 million tires being discarded with the biggest number of them ending up being either dumped on the streets, or kept at landfills.

According to Zero Waste, the news that the local officials finally decided to announce that they would take some measure with waste are ‘great’, but the country has to catch up with other states in terms of recycling as it is ‘two decades behind’, according to its government.

Article by Recycling International