CAP appeals to ban waste imports in Malaysia


Officials in Port Klang, Malaysia are now facing a new problem – the accumulation of waste imported into the country for processing and recycling. The authorities had to deal with approximately 800 abandoned containers; by investing in clearing the waste backlog, they have succeeded to reduce the amount down to some 280 units so far.

The total price paid by Port Klang officials to clear the area was estimated at approximately RM25 million. The clearance revealed that a big number of the containers had polluted waste inside. The main countries that have imported the waste to Malaysia are named to be Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. (more…)

Equipment for sale: compact chiller weco 300 RG

Take advantage of our business matchmaking services for used tire recycling, pyrolysis and other equipment!

Currently, a compact chiller weco 300RG (GWK, Germany) is looking for its new owner. The chiller is on sale in Latvia due to modification of company’s tire processing lines and it hasn’t been in operation

Please see technical parameters of the chiller below and send your inquiries to

Compact chiller weco 300 RG  

The gwk-chiller, model weco 145-300 RG is a compact, air-cooled water chiller in a varnished, zinced steel sheet casing with screwed-on, detachable cover sheets on all 4 sides. Piped and wired ready for connection. All construction components and the electrical equipment correspond to the latest technical standards and comply with the applicable safety regulations, e.g. according to EN 60204 and EN 378. (more…)

Ecopneus to research crumb rubber in equestrian applications

End-of-life tire rubber and its possible applications in the equestrian industry will soon be thoroughly studied by the Italian EPR management firm, Ecopneus. A big number of tire shredder operations perceive this market very promising, however, very limited data on it are now available. (more…)

Mishergas approaches its funding goal


A green-energy company from the UK, Mishergas, is now approaching its funding goal, which will assist plants in extracting energy from waste tires.

Dan and Vicki Templar, who are the founders of the firm, are now attempting to get an investment of £300,000 via the Seedrs platform, and 9.63 per cent equity stake was. Approximately £190,000, which will be used to fund the plans of the business, have already been guaranteed by investors.

The facility is going to be based close to Grimsby where Mishergas will deploy tire pyrolysis equipment. The five-acre site would be capable of generating 8MW of electricity; it would be sufficient to power 15,000 households. (more…)

Get $100 discount to attend MERAS X tire recycling conference in UAE on Nov 13-14!

Organized by Hikmat International Recycling, MERAS X aims at bringing together delegates from more than 34 countries to discuss problems and opportunities in the field of tire recycling in Middle East. The symposium invites all interested parties to hear from others who are making difference, to learn about new trends and discuss important current and emerging recycling issues related to the GCC and Middle East region.

The two-day event provides opportunities for tire recycling companies to network, lay a foundation for collaboration, establish business relationships and consider new ideas, for MERAS X will be oriented at sharing and learning. This time, the main emphasis of the symposium will be tire recycling technologies and applications. (more…)

Russia bans waste tires, cans, paper and foil from landfills


Russia’s Prime-Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed the list of materials subject to be banned from burying on landfills, according to a decree published on the government’s legal information website.

From January 2019, burying of waste and scrap that contains heavy metals and other types of alloys, will be prohibited. Waste tires, mercury, mercury-quartz, fluorescent and LED lamps, some of the packing materials, thermometers that contain mercury, cardboards, paper packaging and labels – all these materials are supposed to be recycled from January 2019 on. (more…)

Plan to recycle Stawell’s nine million tires under question


Initiatives seeking reduction of the Victoria’s one of the most dangerous environmental threats are now in a serious trouble due to the repeated failure of the owners of Stawells’ Tyre Yard to comply with fire protection notices.

Australia’s EPA has been forced to take some measures after Used Tyre Recycling Corporation (UTRC) was proved to be incapable of following a Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire Protection Notice and Environment Protection Authority (EPA) notices. (more…)

August issue of Tire Recycling Insights is out!

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weibold! Academy: Basics about tire-derived fuel

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Month by month, our weibold! Academy series dwells deeper into the world of tire recycling and highlights different sides of running this business. In case you have missed our previous articles, you can find the links at the end of this post.

Basics about tire-derived fuel

Given Canada’s ongoing debate over tire incineration and its less advantageous position when compared to shredding, we want to shed some light on the basic advantages of tire derived fuel.

Production of tire-derived fuel (TDF) is not a new phenomenon. For instance, in Japan 92% of waste tires are used as TDF, and as for the US, approximately 40% of its stockpiled waste tires are used as fuel annually. Numbers in Europe are very similar and estimations range from 35 to 40% of ELT used as fuel and about the same range for recycling. (more…)

Black Bear becomes world’s first C2C certified rCB producer

On June 27, Black Bear announced that its carbon black has received an official Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze Certificate, assessed by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA). This is the first time that a carbon black has received this certification.

“This certification is a clear demonstration of our commitment to accelerating the transition towards a circular economy. We are pleased that we can now offer carbon black users a real and officially certified choice for selecting clean and green materials” said Martijn Lopes Cardozo, CEO Black Bear. (more…)

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