Tire recycling company to legally challenge B.C. government

Image source: www.emterra.ca

A crumb rubber manufacturing firm has launched a legal petition claiming that B.C. government provides unjust “monopoly” for used-tire recycling scheme, and it has high eco fees and poses threat to environment.

The firm, Crumb Rubber Manufacturers Inc. produces rubber products from used tires such as playground mulch, sports playgrounds and asphalt. From 2014, the company has been attempting to get into B.C. market, but faced failures due to repetitive rejection by Tire Stewardship B.C., an organization responsible for operation of the tire-recycling program in the province. (more…)

Better concrete reinforced with tire-derived fibers

A team of researchers and engineers from the University of British Columbia recently invented a more robust and resilient type of concrete. The core of the invention is recycled tires, tire-derived fibers in particular. According to the UBC, the new type of concrete can be used to build structures like buildings, roads, dams, bridges, etc.

The UBC team used different proportions of tire fibers searching for an ideal mix, which eventually included 0.35 percent of tire-derived fibers, as found by UBC researcher Obinna Onuaguluchi who is a postdoctoral fellow in civil engineering. (more…)

Study on risk of cancer posed by crumb rubber

Image: jcdelaw.com

In United States, several new tests were conducted on crumb rubber sports fields. Carried out in five U.S. cities, the research by Maryland-based Jenkins Environmental Inc. concluded that cancer risk for children who play on synthetic turf fields and crumb rubber playgrounds is below one in a million.

The company thoroughly considered an almost $200,000 project to examine how safe the field is. This was requested by the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation in Baltimore. Steve Salem, the chief executive of the foundation, asserts he is very confident in the results of the study. He adds that the foundation came up with the initiative to carry out thorough researches on cancer risk of crumb rubber to make sure it won’t affect kids’ health. The organization funded construction of all 5 fields which were tested. (more…)

Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics for May 2017 released by ANRPC

Recently, the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries released the “Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics” for May 2017. Below is a message from ANRPC’s Secretary General Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich regarding natural rubber (NR) prices which are important to know for tire recycling companies.

Natural rubber prices across key physical markets suffered further losses from the last week of May 2017 despite a deficit in world supply. Based on preliminary estimates, world supply during January to May 2017 was nearly 600,000 tonnes in deficit and the shortfall is anticipated to widen to around 700,000 tonnes by the end of June 2017. World supply during 2017 is anticipated at 12.756 million tonnes, slightly lower than 12.771 million tonnes anticipated a month ago. Response of farmers to the prevailing downtrend in NR market is likely to bring the supply further down.  (more…)

Mexican woman wins ultramarathon with sandals made of recycled rubber

Image source: Mexico News Daily

In the end of April, a 22-year-old woman from Tarahumara indigenous community in Mexico won an ultramarathon (50km) wearing sandals made of recycled tire rubber.

María Lorena Ramírez left behind herself 500 runners from twelve countries in the female category of the Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo in Puebla, central Mexico. Interestingly, Maria ran with no professional equipment and, reportedly, her sandals were made from recycled tire rubber. In Mexico, Tarahumara are known as excellent runners. Even though race took place on April 29, the word about Maria’s victory was spread only now. (more…)

New sales staff at Columbus McKinnon

CM’s tire shredder shaft

Columbus McKinnon (CM), a manufacturer of tire recycling systems and shredding processing equipment based in Florida, informs about changes to its sales team.

As the current sales manager Richard Colyar is retiring in the end of 2017, Tom Schroeder joined CM on May 3 to become a director of sales and marketing. Mr. Colyar has been working at Columbus McKinnon for over 34 years holding different positions. For the last 22 years, he devoted himself to the role of sales manager. In the past, he made his career path at the company through positions of the first customer service manager and technician. After his retirement, Richard is going to support the company on the part-time basis. (more…)

CEYES wins the Climate is Big Business challenge

Image source: http://www.climateisbigbusiness.com

CEYES is a consulting company for research, design and management of tire and artificial turf recycling facilities focused on recycled and upcycled rubber.

On May 24, 2017, CEYES attended the Climate is Big Business conference held in San Francisco, U.S. which highlighted benefits of climate smart business solutions and innovations. The event made a strong emphasis on the importance of transition toward strong resilient economies and societies that are healthy, equitable and innovative. The Dutch Minister Sharon Dijksma attended the conference to attain expertise regarding circular economies, climate and zero emission vehicles. (more…)

Environment-friendly rubberized asphalt in Yellowstone Park

Image source: Yellowstone National Park

In United States, Yellowstone is known as an eco-sensitive environment and therefore very high standards are peculiar to the area, especially as regards to environmental innovation. As old roads in Yellowstone require ever more maintenance, the park’s authorities unanimously opted for new environment-friendly porous pavement which is partly produced from recycled tires.

The park has the world’s largest system of geysers and thermal streams. Improvements to the roads would help avoid or significantly reduce erosion in numerous areas of the park. (more…)

Redisa under liquidation

To safeguard the program’s assets and operations, the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (Redisa) was placed under the liquidation.

Dr. Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs, filed an urgent application at the Cape Town High Court to eliminate Redisa. Reportedly, the reason for elimination was Redisa’s intention to cease scrap tire collection. (more…)

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