Photo: The Age, Boomerang Alliance

Over $1 million in fines are now imposed on the ex-owner of the most massive tire dump in the world located in Victoria, Australia, after he failed to clean the site that posed serious fire danger despite multiple warnings.

The attempts to make the Stawell dump’s landlord take responsibility for the site are still underway by the Environment Protection Authority. Moreover, the organization plans to impose additional fines on the owner to compensate its clearance spending total worth of which was $6 million.

380 truckloads were used to relocate over 9000 tons of tires. The clearance lasted for more than two months. Before the clearance, Stawell dump received three EPA notices and CFA fire prevention notice.

Before EPA took responsibility for the site, a Panama-based firm “Internet Marketing Solutions Corp” had been indicated as a new official owner in legal papers.

Nevertheless, the site’s ex-owner Used Tyre Recycling Corporation Pty Ltd with Matthew Starr serving as a director are now legally challenged by EPA and are accused of EPA statutory notice breaches.

Earlier, Starr stated that he was not affiliated with the new site’s owner and he never visited Panama. According to Supreme Court, the step to sell the tire dump was “outrageous” as the owner attempted to escape responsibility. The court can impose a fine over $370,000.

According to CFA’s assessment, the Stawell dump poses a very high fire risk that can lead to catastrophes in the town.

On August 28, Starr is legally demanded to make an appearance at the Stawell Magistrates Court.

Article by The Age