Were you too busy to attend the 12th Global CemFuels Conference & Exhibition in Berlin? 

Focus of the conference: alternative fuels for cement and lime production

The Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition has established itself as the largest specialised annual alternative fuels conference and exhibition in the world, attracting international delegates and exhibitors every year.

The 12th Global CemFuels event in Berlin showcased the best alternative fuels projects, including tire-derived fuel (TDF) and equipment from the cement industry in Europe and from around the world. Fuel mix optimisation and combustion and pyro-process optimisation was examined in depth. Delegates attended from more than 40 countries, to learn from experts how to start to use – or to increase their use of – alternative fuels.

In this conference, the following topics were covered:

  • Trends in cement and lime fuels
  • Cement fuel markets
  • Technology
  • Combustion
  • Fuel mix optimisation in cement production
  • Problems and solutions
  • Networking
  • Business opportunities in cement fuels and cement industry
  • News and latest technological developments

A detailed overview of agenda, participants and registration guidelines can be found here.

Weibold’s offer

If you are interested in entering TDF markets and becoming a fuel supplier for cement companies, learn which particular requirements cement producers pose to tire-derived fuel and what are the latest trends in alternative fuels for cement industry, Weibold can provide you with an in-depth report featuring all discussions which took place during the conference.

Should you have interest in particular topics and companies, we are happy to tailor the report to your personal needs. Send us an inquiry to robert@weibold.com or contact us via phone or Whatsapp +43 699 1818 1616.