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Intent to promote sustainability, a newcomer to the industry Western Tire Recyclers is focused at off the road (OTR) tire recycling. Recycling OTR into various byproduct goods which are cheaper than virgin rubber, the company prevents those tires from being illegally disposed of.

Patented Recycling Equipment

The company has a team of experienced engineers who manage tire processing. The facility is equipped with special recycling equipment, which is capable of mechanical OTR reduction. From outer side of the tire, all rubber is being removed before the processing begins. Then, the machinery is used to cut the tire in various positions and with many repetitions, thence reducing it into smaller pieces. This enables the rest of the equipment to easier process the material.

The machinery of Western Tire Recyclers is controlled by a wireless remote to perform operations in a safer way and with a higher productivity. During the operation of two years, high durability of these machines was proven. In addition, there was no down time. Furthermore, the machines enable Western Tire Recyclers to process a higher amount of tires every year.

Serving Mines and Farms

A vast number of organizations throughout the country have been served by Western Tire Recyclers. Some of the largest coal mines in U.S. are served by the company. Western Tire Recyclers say strive to meet all needs of large mining companies to help them dispose of waste tires and apply the material in playgrounds, farms, flooring and much more.

Company Profile

Western Tire Recyclers was established in 2009 and is referred to as the leading OTR recycler in U.S. The primary focus of the company is western states, as it is headquartered in Tremonton, Utah. However, the recycler caters even beyond. According to PRSYNC, Western Tire Recyclers produce some of the finest quality rubber mulch available in United States.

Article Source: PRSYNC