This January, Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, witnessed a protest initiated by used tire dealers and wheel suppliers, as informed by RadioFreeEurope. Activists have gathered on the streets of Baku to protest against the tax raise, and they demanded its invalidation.

According to some news sources, the protesters wanted to stop tripling of the import duties on tires. Supporters of these duties believe that they will reinforce the demand for Azerbaijani tire manufacturing.

45,000 manats, or USD 26400– this was a new increased fee for a unit with 2,000 used car tires on January 1, according to RadioFreeEurope. Thus, a single used retread tire reached the cost of 120-150 manats, or USD 70-88. However, before the new tax it was 30-50 manats equivalent to USD 18-30.

Azernews informed, in Azerbaijani economy, only the real estate sector is larger than the automotive industry. Azerbaijan’s tire manufacturing has not been flourishing for more than 20 years.

Article Source: Tire Review