Nebraska provides funding totalling $1.59 million for more than a hundred state-based tire recycling and tire collection initiatives. The funds are allocated by Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). In total, the complete funding of the initiatives would require approximately $2.2 million in grants.

According to the agency’s director, a big number of strong applicants forwarded their requests to the department, which will allocate funding to help solve the problem of scrap tires locally.

With the help of these funds, some projects in Nebraska will carry out waste tire clearance and waste tire collection. Additionally, some money will be directed to several local schools and agencies where playgrounds, fields, running tracks that contain recycled rubber products will be developed.

The funds became available thanks to NDEQ’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants scheme, that gets its funds via $1 fee whenever a new tire is bought in the state.

In Central Nebraska, the major funding has been received by schools such as Central City Public School ($60,125), Callaway Public School ($11,913) and St. Paul Public School ($10,300); at least, six more organizations have been provided with smaller grants.

Article by The Independent