The opening session of The Future Tire Conference 2018 will be directed by Peter Taylor OBE, who is a current Tyre Recovery Association’s secretary general. A German city Cologne will be hosting the conference on 30-31 May.

During the event, participants will get a chance to discuss new developments in the tire industry, which are being impacted by the digital era, electric cars and advances in self-driving technologies.

Taylor is an authoritative representative of the tire industry, who has a profound knowledge of the segment thanks to his involvement in the business domestically and worldwide. Taylor’s contribution to the national tire market didn’t go unnoticed by the UK’s government – he was endowed a respected order, OBE (Order of the British Empire), in 2009.

Apart from being the Tyre Recovery Association’s head and its creator, the authority has managed the Used Tyre Working Group from its very first days of operation. Before, Taylor was the head of the Imported Tyre Manufacturers’ Association.

Taylor is experienced in hosting Future Tire conferences – he was a leader of the event in 2017. The meeting is an introductory event to the Tire Cologne global trade fair.

Article Source: Future Tyre Conference, European Rubber Journal