Phoenix Innovation Technology (PIT) attended the TRAC symposium as exhibitors but did not present. However, Stephen Murphy was around through the conference to explain how PIT is opening doors to new markets in the rubber industry with its newly optimized globally patented eco effective Rubber Regeneration (e2R2) solution that performs, is simple to use and reduces cost. The e2R2 solution transforms recycled tyre vulcanized crumb rubber (avg 40 mesh) into Regenerated Rubber (RR) whereby approximately 61 per cent of the sulphur bonds are broken with minimal damage to the original rubber polymer chain. The RR substitutes for a portion of the virgin compound providing similar performance while reducing costs. “Our new Rubber Regeneration solution will change the way recycled rubber is treated on a global scale” said Jean Prevost, the founding Chief Visionary Officer.

The system is 100% eco-effective since recycled tyres as feedstock and completely waste free during operation. Reduced material cost and mould curing time adds value.

The RR is small (40 mesh), soft to the touch and mixes easily in a compound ensuring product finish equivalent to parts made with virgin compound. The mechanical and processing properties of a compound loaded with Regenerated Rubber are similar to those of a virgin compound. Typical compound applications include between 10 to 60 per cent loading of RR. Products may also be made using 100 per cent Regenerated Rubber (mixed with a small amount of vulcanizing agent, such as 2 per cent sulphur). Tyre and non tyre rubber products can benefit from the use of Regenerated Rubber. The process has global protection with patents obtained in the US, Canada and Mexico was well as several other countries. In addition to being a producer of RR PIT offers licensing opportunities for recyclers, compounders and manufacturers.

The e2R2 solution TM is fully automated while occupying less than 1.200 sq.ft with a current capacity of 1.350 Ibs/hr (8 MM Ibs/yr). The simple robust design of the system minimises maintenance while maximizing throughput.

A new shaft that is over three times stiffer than the previous version featuring an updated removable blade configuration, which was designed for a larger next generation Regenerator has been validated. Insights from an advanced university research centre were used to guide design decisions. “By continuing to optimise the e2R2 solutionTM we have ensured that present and future can be satisfied with full confidence in the quality of the RR produced” said Stephen Murphy the Chief Path Finder (CEO).

Article source: Tyre and Rubber Recycling