Initiatives seeking reduction of the Victoria’s one of the most dangerous environmental threats are now in a serious trouble due to the repeated failure of the owners of Stawells’ Tyre Yard to comply with fire protection notices.

Australia’s EPA has been forced to take some measures after Used Tyre Recycling Corporation (UTRC) was proved to be incapable of following a Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire Protection Notice and Environment Protection Authority (EPA) notices.

The managers of the Tyre Yard have failed to fulfill a CFA Fire Prevention Notice. In addition, they couldn’t conform to EPA’s three statutory notices which demanded that the company drops numbers of waste tires, separates stockpiles and takes action to diminish the risk of fire.

According to EPA, the organization is thinking of taking measures under Section 62 (manage or provoke a clean-up) of the Environment Protection Act 1970, which will enable it to take control of the land and fulfill a clean-up.

Seven days have been given to the new boss of the Tyre Yard to react before EPA takes further steps. According to the assessment of the CFA, the stockpile was found to be at “very high fire risk”, which provided environmental, communal and economic value for the state.

Previously, Used Tyre Recycling Corporation has shared with Fairmax Media that the process of tire stockpile reduction would accelerate after EPA’s approval of a license for a tire recycling plant. EPA received the claim in December, but later it approached UTRC to notify the firm it had not been provided with adequate amount of data for EPA to officially admit the application, said Nial Finegan, EPA chief executive.

He explained that even though the following data has been provided by UTRC, EPA hasn’t found it to be enough so it could officially receive it and commence evaluation of the application under the constitutional approval procedure for plants. According to Finegan, UTRC and EPA had communicated after this appeal on a regular basis, but more data has still not been presented, thus EPA has refunded works approval fee to UTRC, and the application is no longer under review.

CFA keeps on collaborating with Northern Grampians Shire Council and other organizations to ensure proper management of Tyre Yard, as the new fire season is quick to approach. EPA will keep on providing updates for the public on the developments of the process.

Article source: Stawell Times