Photo: Adam Silva at Wicked Local

Preventative and protective measures against disease disseminating mosquitos have been taken by the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project – unwanted tires are being removed now from Norwell and other parts of the county in Massachusetts, United States.

Some data revealed that since November 2017, in overall, Plymouth County has been cleared of 4,617 tires, with almost 4,000 tires taken from an old auto repair facility at 271 Washington St. The tires are now stored at a recycling facility in Ayer.

The tire clearance program was launched when The Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project found out about the Norwell tire site, said the program’s associate supervisor, Ross Rossetti.

The initiators of the program created a list of places where some clearance efforts could be needed; one of the team’s members suggested the Norwell site and the Norwell Board of Health had provided the approval and signed the deal in November 2017. The last truck which was loaded with tires from the site, was sent there in January 2018.

Normally, no less than four workers would visit the site several days a week and carry out the tire clearance. No work was conducted during bad weather. The project’s manager, Steve Gillett, revealed that one massive workload was divided into smaller projects, and each truck carried approximately 160 tires.

However, there is no precise data on the quantity of mosquitoes that had been identified in the tires, but the project’s entomologist Ellen Bidlack asserted there were thousands. She added that the site was ideal for breeding of mosquitoes, which could transmit West Nile virus.

She said that in the recent time, there haven’t been many victims of West Nile disease, however she believed that the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus can pose higher threats with its 30 percent death rate, and it more often leads to death if compared to West Nile.

Article source: Wicked Local Norwell